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Metal online?

There's a lot of metal to be enjoyed wherever you go - concerts, music stores, and a variety of other places where you can find new material or even offer music you've created yourself, should you be in a band. But what about online? Well, this website's proof enough that a good use of online tools can bring you a lot of awesome material about and produced by a band such as us, so we'll give you a quick run-down of some worthy ways to find and showcase good metal on the web.

YouTube is a great start. You'll not only find live performances, songs, music videos and lyrics subtitled onto some of these - you'll also find a wealth of channels dedicated to labels and bands, allowing you to subscribe to them and become a fan who gets every new video as it goes up, which is a great way to keep up to date whether you're a fellow metal artist or just a metalhead who loves some good tunes when they're at home chatting to friends or firing up Partypoker; for a night of card-playing and head-banging.

SoundCloud, Myspace, Spotify and many other music-streaming services are also great ways to find new artists or to showcase your work, if you're looking to get involved with the metal scene. There's also a wide range of other tools you can use, from Twitter to metal forums, to find details about concerts, new albums, or your favourite guitar god who shreds like no one else.

The internet is a tool that gives out as much as you're willing to put in, so it's worth taking a closer look at the aforementioned tools if you want to get more metal in your life. Throw up those digital horns, people!